Inspiring the World as passionate followers of Jesus Christ, so all can experience God’s life giving love.

Echo Park United Methodist Church is a faith community seeking to live in joyous response to the love of God in Christ.

We are people of Christ’s new creation called to be ministers of reconciliation.

We are not always of the same mind but we seek to be of the same Spirit, reaching out in unconditional love to let others know that there is a place of reconciliation,  “There is a Balm in Gilead.”

We share the Gospel and Spirit of Jesus Christ with all, especially those who hurt or who have been left out because of ethnic origin, gender, legal status, language, sexual orientation, all who have suffered abuse or abandonment by society or even by the church.

We wish for them to feel at home among us, so that this place, which has been entrusted to us by God and those who have gone before us, will truly be a place of compassion and celebration and a house of prayer for all peoples!